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Energetic Anatomy Made Easy: Create Better Health Through An Understanding of  the Chakras and Meridians

Understanding your energetic anatomy has never been this easy!  

How do the chakras and meridians relate?

How can learning about the chakras and the meridians improve physical, emotional and mental health?


ENERGETIC ANATOMY MADE EASY compares and combines the wisdoms of the Chakras and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is an instructional book that contains simple yet profound practices that make insight into the chakras and the meridians easy. 

Each chapter contains

- short yin yoga and yang (Forrest) yoga sequences to promote chakra wellness

-acupressure points to promote healing in the different chakra territories of the body

-hand mudras to affect the energy centers

-other simple activities for chakra and total body wellness


ENERGETIC ANATOMY MADE EASY will be available to the public December, 2023! 

Pre-order your copy now using any of the below links-

A yogi creating inner balance in front of a yin yang symbol
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