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I'm Dr. Laurel , ( a.k.a Dr. AcuMassage).

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about online yin and yang yoga  with

Dr. AcuMassage.

I'm an acupuncturist, massage therapist, qigong instructor and yoga therapist with a private practice in Calgary Alberta. 

From an early age due to my own personal health challenges I understood the importance of maintaining good health. I realized good health is an investment. One I aught to contribute to every single day in whatever ways I am comfortable with doing.

I started yoga in my teens and I fell in love with the practice. Today I am certified to teach both Forrest yoga and Yin yoga. My yoga practice is a vital aspect of my self-care regime. I realized that the benefits from both my yin and yang yoga increased when I stimulated acupuncture points during my yoga practice. I particularly enjoy using sound to stimulate acupuncture points and from this, Vibrational yin was found.

My passion for combining the wisdoms of Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga can be seen throughout all my work. I believe there is great benefit to practicing both yin and yang yoga styles and having access to both yin and yang yoga instruction is important. My online yoga videos are holistic, supportive and educational.   

Find me here at or on my sister website




To empower you on your pathway to better health using a fusion of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yin and Yang Yoga Videos with Dr. AcuMassage is committed to offering quality yoga instruction that will help you find your best self on the mat, with your breath.



 To be a resource for the general public, offering quality information about the wisdoms of both Traditional Chinese Medicine and yoga. Wisdoms that are appreciated for their usefulness in the creation of wellness. Information that can be used by modern individuals to create and maintain good health.

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