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Yin Yoga Videos: Deepen Your Practice From The Comfort Of Home

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

yin yoga videos

"Good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine involves an ever-moving balance between yin and yang elements. Both yin and yang are equally important in the creation of good health. Yin gifts us with stillness, acceptance, deep rest and rejuvenation. These things are vital to our physical, mental and emotional well-being.” - Laurel Stuart Dr. Ac

Yin has always played an important role in the practice of hatha yoga. Every time we allow ourselves time for deep relaxation in savasana at the end of an intense physical yoga practice we are making time for yin.

Yin energies are more passive and more restful. Yin can be defined as the shady side of a hill while yang can be defined as the sunny side. Yin energies are slower, deeper, darker, cooler, and heavier than yang energies. Yin yoga involves spending more time in fewer yoga poses. Yin yoga works deeply on the connective tissues of our bodies. It can be used to gently stretch and elongate tight fascia, ligaments and tendons. Yin yoga also encourages greater range of motion in our joints. It is highly useful if we want to achieve greater overall flexibility and range of motion throughout our bodies.

Yin yoga involves moving into a state of stillness while in yoga postures. The time spent in different yin yoga poses can help us develop greater acceptance of our bodies and our feelings. It can also bring us to a deeper understanding of our true selves. Clinics are finding yin yoga useful in the treatment of behavioural disorders such as addictions, eating disorders and trauma. One study posted in the American National Library of Medicine found 5 weeks of yin yoga practice improved the psychological health of stressed-out adults.

Yin yoga encourages deep relaxation and rejuvenation. It can be useful in the treatment of sleep disturbances. By stretching the musculotendinous channels of the body yin yoga can also from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective improve the health of our internal organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are 12 standard energy channels or meridians that run along the surface of our body. These standard meridians are each connected to an internal organ. Each of these 12 energetic channels are also associated with different muscle groups and tendons in the body. Acupuncturists use knowledge of the acupuncture points along these 12 channels to optimize health and prevent poor health. By bringing awareness to these pathways and by gently encouraging the smooth flow of energy throughout these pathways as we practice yin we create balance within and can improve the vitality of our internal organs.

Do we always need to venture out to yoga studios to reap the benefits of yin yoga? With today’s technology we can practice yin yoga and many other styles of yoga in the comfort of our homes. Yin yoga videos at home can be used to supplement an existing in person yoga practice. Yin yoga at home allows for greater flexibility in our practice and ultimately more benefits than what can usually be gained from practicing in person classes only. Yin yoga videos are cost- effective. They are an excellent choice for when you want to add the value of yin yoga to your life and you don’t have much time to do it.

Here at Yoga with Dr. AcuMassage you will find yin yoga videos that include the stimulation of acupuncture points while practicing yoga. Each class has a specific acupressure point combination created by Dr. AcuMassage an experienced acupuncturist, to create deep relaxation and better health. Sign up to receive a free one-week trial!




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