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Unlock The Power Of Yin And Yang With Yoga Videos

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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All things carry yin and yang. They reach harmony by blending with the vital breath.” Lao zi.

Yin and yang or yinyang is a Chinese philosophical concept that dates back more than 2 millenia. Yin and yang are two opposing yet interconnected qualities that is used to describe all things in the universe. Yin qualities are darker, colder, more interior, restful and slower than yang energies. Yang energies are faster, lighter, warmer, more active and more superficial than yin energies. Winter is the most yin of all the seasons. Summer is the most yang. Neither yin or yang should be described as negative. When however these two elements are not balanced- chaos and poor health results. When yin and yang are balanced harmony and good physical, mental and emotional health occurs.

Neither yin nor yang can be used correctly without the other. Everything within the universe and within our bodies is either predominantly more yin or more yang depending on what is being compared. The lungs for example are yin organs. Yin organs store pure substances while yang organs transform digest and excrete the impure from the pure substances before they are stored. The lungs in Traditional Chinese Medicine govern over respiration. The Lungs however are considered the most yang of all the yin organs because they are more external than the other yin organs and connect to the exterior of the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches good health equals balance between yin and yang. Lao Zi states in the above quote that yin and yang become harmonious with help from our breath. Breath links the body and mind. The heart of most hatha yoga practices is the breath. Yoga and yoga videos are powerful tools we can use to balance our body’s yin and yang energies. Balance equals better health. Better health for us at Yoga with Dr. AcuMassage means happier, pain free, more productive lives.

Yin and yang are ever moving fluctuating energies. Individuals at times need more yin energy or more yang energy depending on what is happening in their lives. Having access to quality yin and yang yoga videos makes unlocking the benefits of yin and yang more accessible to us all. Yin yoga is slower and more meditative. Yin yoga targets the joints more than the muscles and improves flexibility in the connective tissues of the body. Yin yoga videos invite us into deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Yang yoga instruction is more fast paced and involves strengthening and stretching the muscles. With online yin and yang yoga videos we can choose what style of yoga is best for us, depending on our needs. We get to experience the benefits yin and yang have to offer in the comfort of our home. With online yin and yang yoga videos we can experience the harmony and wellness yin and yang balance can bring from anywhere in the world.

Let’s say you are a traveler. You’ve just spent 12 hours in transit and you want to practice yoga to feel physically, mentally and emotionally well. You may feel stiff and achy from constantly sitting while on the plane. You may want to practice a yang yoga style class to loosen up the muscle tissue and increase overall circulation. Conversely you may be super tired and need sleep. You may prefer to take a yin yoga class to loosen your stiff joints while promoting deep relaxation for better rest. Access to both yin and yang yoga videos helps ensure you can choose the best solution for you.

At Yoga with Dr.AcuMassage you will find yang classes in the Forrest Yoga style, yin and yang combination classes and vibrational yin yoga videos. Forrest yoga is an intense style of yang yoga with a strong focus on deep breathing, authentic feeling and an emphasis on building a strong core. Vibrational yin yoga classes includes the stimulation of acupuncture points, primarily using sound while practicing yoga postures. Yin and yang yoga fusions includes the practice of both yin yoga and yang yoga together. All the classes at Yoga With Dr. AcuMassage are designed for those short on time who want to achieve within themselves the benefits of both yin and yang yoga. Sign up for our free 7 Day Trial.


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