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The Ultimate Guide For Practicing Yoga At Home: 3 Tips To Help You Get Started

Updated: May 26, 2023

a woman staring at a screen to watch practicing yoga videos

You‘ve heard of all the benefits yoga has to offer. Perhaps you’ve taken a class or two. You want to start practicing yoga in the comfort of your home but you aren’t sure if you should or how to start.

This article includes helpful tips to help you get started on your yoga practice at home. Check them out below:

1. Create A Safe Space For Your Yoga Practice.

couple practicing yoga

Having a designated space in your home for your yoga practice can help you practice regularly, so you reap the benefits yoga has to offer on a regular basis. Your yoga space doesn’t have to be fancy. Some folks like to decorate their yoga space with candles and incense, or pictures of images, persons or deities important to them. Try to find a peaceful spot in your home that allows you as much space as possible for movement on your yoga mat. You don’t want to be accidentally bumping into furniture or having folks constantly moving into or around your space while your practice. If possible, also include in your yoga space an empty wall area. Wall spaces are useful props for some yoga postures. You can also store your yoga accessories (your mat, blocks, cushions, straps etc.) near this wall space. Sometimes we have no choice but to practice our yoga in areas of high traffic or small areas that include furniture. Do the best that you can. If you can come into most postures without hitting anything, your yoga space is probably safe enough for your use.

2. Stay Safe While You Practice

practicing yoga

If you are new to yoga start with gentle yoga routines that are suitable for your level of practice. If you are following a class look for yoga videos suitable for beginners or suitable for all levels. Yin yoga classes (Vibrational yin for example) tend to be gentler while yang yoga classes (Forrest yoga classes for example) are more physically demanding. Be very present in your body- stay aware of how you feel as you practice your yoga poses. Some yoga postures may be uncomfortable but as a rule you should never feel as though you are over pushing or straining your body. Use props such as cushions, blankets and blocks whenever you feel it would be beneficial to do so. There is nothing wrong with using props in your practice. Using the appropriate props can also make your yoga practice more enjoyable. It is very likely that your body will feel different almost every time you practice. Honour the wisdoms of your body. Stay away from poses that cause pain. Try to be present as much as possible especially when you practice poses you find difficult. Doing this will help you avoid injury. It is sometimes easy to get caught up with how a pose looks. Remember yoga is not about how a pose looks, but rather yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. There is no one size (pose) fits all in yoga. You are not meant to make a pose look a specific way. The pose is to be practiced in a way that suits your flexibility and your overall ability.

3. Enjoy Your Practice
enjoy your practicing yoga

If you want to experience the benefits of yoga your practice has to be something you enjoy and look forward to. Try your best to practice yoga routines suitable for your level of practice. Don’t expect perfection in your poses. Yoga is not about perfection. Rather try to cultivate playfulness and curiosity in your poses as you practice. Remember each day will feel a bit (or a lot) different from the day, week, or year before. Include time in your practice for rest. This allows you to properly assimilate the benefits gained from your yoga session. In every yoga video at Yoga With Dr. AcuMassage you will find time at the end of the video for rest. Yoga videos at Dr. AcuMassage may be either restful (yin yoga) or challenging (yang yoga). Decide what kind of practice best suits your needs that that day.

Quite often beginners will focus on the question “am I doing this correctly” instead of “how do I feel as I practice this pose”. Set yourself realistic goals. Maybe you begin your yoga journey at home with two yoga classes a week; maybe less or maybe more. Overtime you will hopefully see how your at home yoga practice blossoms into a commitment to your physical and emotional wellbeing; a practice that you simply don’t want to live without.


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