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Forrest Yoga Online: Energize Your Body and Mind Through Powerful Videos

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Forrest Yoga Online from Dr Acu

Forrest Yoga is not about one’s strength or flexibility. It is about asking, ‘where are you now?’ then continuing your life’s journey based on the truths you discover.” Ana T. Forrest

Forrest yoga is a modern school of hatha yoga created by yoga pioneer Ana T. Forrest. Forrest yoga is a style of yoga known for its emphasis on core (abdominal) exercises, long holds in postures and using the breath as a healing tool for both physical and emotional wounds.

Reputed for its intensity, Forrest yoga can be invigorating and transformative to both body and mind. Forrest yoga is a yang style of hatha yoga. It is founded on 4 pillars- breath, strength, integrity and spirit. The mission of Forrest yoga is to create in each of us a sense of freedom and the courage to live our lives fully and truthfully, as our spirit dictates. In Forrest yoga you will find moves not found in more traditional forms of hatha yoga. These Forrest yoga moves seek to address some of the general problems created by modern living. Think about folks who spend long periods of time typing. These folks may develop hand and wrist strains. Practitioners will find in Forrest yoga exercises specifically to stretch the wrist. Think of folks who sit at desks for long periods of time, rounding their upper back while staring at computers. In Forrest yoga there are plenty of exercises to relax the neck and release tension from the upper back and shoulders.

A regular practice of Forrest yoga will help you to build your strength, flexibility, body awareness and intelligence while deepening your connection to your authentic self. In Forrest yoga, practitioners learn how to practice each yoga pose proficiently. Practitioners learn how to tailor each pose to their needs. So if you have either a physical or emotional injury, Forrest yoga teaches you how to tailor each pose to properly address your injuries. Forrest yoga also teaches its practitioners how to bring aliveness into every cell of their body, using their breath. Forrest yoga classes are normally practiced in a warm room. Warm yoga encourages sweating and consequently gentle detoxification. Forrest yoga uses heat, deep breathing and vigorous pose sequencing to cleanse the cell tissue and enliven body and mind.

Forrest yoga is approximately just over 40 years old. It was once only found in specific studios in large cities around the world. Today you can practice Forrest yoga online in your home using videos created by Forrest yoga instructors. Turn the heat up in your home, have your yoga props close by (in Forrest yoga props such as a rolled-up towel or mat and or wall space are frequently used) and start your deep breathing. Turn on your favorite Forrest yoga video. Be willing to learn how to feel authentically and respond honestly. These simple activities are enough for you to start reaping the amazing benefits Forrest yoga has to offer while in the comfort of your home.

At Yoga with Dr. AcuMassage we are excited to offer yang yoga classes that are either Forrest yoga or Forrest yoga inspired. Dr. AcuMassage is a certified Forrest yoga instructor. She has taught Forrest yoga for almost 20 years and she is excited to offer the invigorating and transformative benefits of Forrest yoga online. Forrest yoga videos with Dr. AcuMassage average between 30 to 45 minutes. Forrest yoga videos online with Dr. AcuMassage are great for those days when students are short on time but still want to reap the benefits Forrest Yoga offers. Dr. AcuMassage looks specifically at how Forrest yoga can be used for health and well-being. She discusses the practice at times from the perspective of a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Don’t miss out on the 7- Day free trial offered at Yoga with Dr. AcuMassage when you become a member.


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