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Find Inner Balance With Yin and Yang Yoga Classes Online

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

yin and yang yoga classes online

Good health in Traditional Chinese Medicine can be defined using one word- balance.

Balance in Traditional Chinese Medicine involves an ever-changing symmetry between two opposing yet complementary elements by which all things can be defined- yin and yang. Yin is represented in Chinese characters as the shady side of a hill. Yang is represented as the sunny side of a hill. Yin yoga classes are slower, involve fewer postures and longer holds in each pose. Yang yoga classes are more active. Yang yoga builds strength and heat in the body. Achieving a sense of inner balance involves harmonizing the yin and yang energies that exist within our bodies. Need to work on improving your mental and physical balance? Yin and yang yoga classes may be useful for you.

Yoga is renowned today for its ability to improve flexibility, promote better breathing, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

yin and yang yoga classes online for all types of people

We turn to yang yoga on those days we wish to build both muscular strength and flexibility. We practice yang yoga because it increases our stamina, tones and detoxifies (via sweat) our bodies, and promotes better cardiovascular and respiratory health. Regular moderate to intense yoga sessions can lower our heart rate and reduce blood pressure. Blood circulation and cholesterol levels may also improve over time.

yin and yang yoga classes online

Yin yoga can be used to help prepare us both mentally and physically for meditation. We turn to yin yoga on the days we need to focus on joint mobility and flexibility of our connective tissues. We practice yin yoga on the days we are emotionally drained and exhausted and are unwilling or unable to move much. More restorative forms of yin yoga also allow us time for deep rest and relaxation. In yin yoga we can also deeply affect our well-being by stimulating acupuncture points while practicing yin yoga poses. Yin yoga, can be a lovely reprieve from the stresses of modern life.

We live in an age where technology when used wisely can greatly enrich and empower our lives.

yin and yang yoga classes online

Online yin and yang yoga classes are convenient and time- efficient. At some point in our lives, we may find ourselves unable to afford or commit to practicing in a yoga studio daily, or weekly. We can however supplement our existing in person yoga practice with quality online yin and yang yoga classes. We can continue to take care of our health using online yoga classes designed to help us find inner balance.

Feel confident in your commitment to your mental, physical and emotional wellness by using online yoga to your advantage. Practice any time and from anywhere in the world with online yin or yang yoga classes. If you interested in learning more about when to use either yin or yang yoga classes or when to use yin yang yoga (yin yang yoga classes are a combination of both yin and yang yoga styles in one class) check out our article HOW TO ENRICH YOUR YOGA PRACTICE USING FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE PART 1: YIN AND YANG.

At Yoga with Dr. AcuMassage you will find both yin and yang online yoga classes designed to promote a healthier you. Our yin yoga classes involve the stimulation of acupuncture points while practicing yoga postures. Yoga at Dr. AcuMassage specializes in creating yin yoga classes where you get to stimulate acupressure points using either massage or vibration (sound). Our yang yoga classes are forrest yoga or forrest yoga inspired. Receive a free one-week trial to all yoga classes on the site when you sign up today.




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